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Everything About Galvin Engineering is Engineered to Give You the Services Your Business Needs

We like to refer to it as Integrated Precision Manufacturing Solutions.

At Galvin Engineering we’ve invested heavily in our production capabilities so you don’t have to. Whether you need engineering design, certification or production you’ll find we provide an engineering solution that makes your bottom-line look great.

As well as manufacturing superior quality products, our specialised services are as diverse as General Machining and Fabrication to Forklift Attachments and Materials Handling Equipment. Services also include CNC Metal Folding, Laser Cutting, CNC Milling, CNC Turing and additionally we can source: Powder Coating, Zinc Plating, Sand Blasting, Rubber/Urethane products and coatings and much, much more.

Galvin Engineering - A 360 Engineering Solution

CNC Machining

Galvin are Brisbane’s CNC and Manual Machining specialists with state-of-the-art CNC lathes and mills. As part of our 360° engineering solution Galvin offer a complete machining service tailored to your needs. Our CNC Machining services include;

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Turning with Live Tooling and Bar Feeder

We also have manual lathes for smaller jobs. All work is completed to the highest quality assured standards.

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General Engineering

Galvin Engineering specialise in large or small Fabrication and General Welding projects. As part of our 360° engineering solution Galvin offer a complete fabrication solution and will carry out all your general welding needs.

Our fabrication and welding services are done locally at our Carole Park premises in Brisbane and are completed by our highly skilled tradesman. For high-volume work, automated robotic stations complete jobs to Quality Assured standards.

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Galvin are experienced Manufacturing Engineers with the latest facilities which provide services to our clients in all areas of procurement, precision manufacturing, and delivery phases.

Galvin is Quality Assured to AS/NZ ISO 9001 and offers a comprehensive range of engineering services covering; fabrication, machining, assembly and on-time project delivery.

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Materials Handling

Galvin Engineering supply one of the largest range of forklift attachments and materials handling equipment.

As part of our 360° engineering solution Galvin have an extensive range of forklift attachments, drum handling and waste handling equipment and much more.

Galvin is centrally located in Brisbane’s Carole Park industrial area and we will also arrange delivery to your business if required.

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