Laser Cutting

Our laser cutter incorporates auto-focus, non-contact cutting heads that help increase productivity by minimizing setup and down time.

Laser cutting has established itself as the most cost-effective cutting technology for many applications. Through the use of sophisticated nesting and scheduling software, orders can be processed quickly and efficiently. The combination of clean smooth edges, extreme accuracy and high repeatability, gives lasers an advantage over other cutting technologies. The lack of tooling and setup times means it’s also cost-effective for short runs and one-off parts.

With the added benefit of etching part numbers or descriptions allowing for the easy identification during sorting, packing or fabrication processes.

Hi-Definition Plasma

Our plasma incorporates Intelligent Torch Height Controller, which maintains optimum cutting height which results in the best possible cutting angle, increasing consumable life, which in turn allows for lower cutting costs.

Hi-Definition Plasma does not have the accuracy and precision of laser, however as the material gets thicker, the plasma results in a faster cut and with a better finish, therefore coming into it’s own in this area.

Metal Folding

Metal folding/bending has come a long way in recent years.  We use 7 axis CNC Press Brake’s to fold components with high accuracy, productivity and time frames our clients require.  Equipped with a laser eye to control bending angles in real time, the new generation CNC Press Brake’s are at the forefront of manufacturing technology.

Nesting and Programming

Our use of sophisticated nesting software ensures the best material utilization and maximum control over the cutting process. As an added benefit, setup times are reduced, which improves overall productivity considerably.

We are able to import your solid model, to produce the flat pattern for cutting and at the same time produce a bending program, this helps ensure the end user receives the correct part, on-time the first time!