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Laser Cutting

Since the inception of Laser Cutting in the 1960’s, it has constantly evolved and has revolutionised the fabrication industry. Now Laser Cutting is an integral part to many designs and projects, and at Galvin Engineering, we are here to help.

Laser Cutting is particularly important to many metal cutting projects due to its’ cost effectiveness, high accuracy, cut quality and speed. Galvin Engineering has a dedicated Laser Cutting department running multiple shifts to help reduce your overall lead time. Added to our Laser Cutting department is our dedicated Metal Folding Department incorporating up to 7 axis folding, to fold the most intricate jobs.

If you require part numbers or logo’s etched onto your parts, we can do that to! By incorporating this into the nesting software, orders can be processed quickly and efficiently, giving you exactly what you are after in a timely manner.

Our maximum sheet size is 1500 x 3000mm, with the added benefit of dual shuttle tables to help increase the output efficiencies.

Main Material Stocked:

Mild Steel up to 16mm
Aluminium up to 8mm
Stainless up to 6mm

Other various materials are stocked and can also be purchased in for your specific project requirements.

Bending Capability:

Up to 6mm, 3000mm long
Over 6mm, length determined by thickness and grade

Metal Folding

Metal folding has come a long way in recent years.  We use 7 axis CNC Press Brakes to fold components with high accuracy, productivity and to the time frames our clients require.  Equipped with a laser eye measuring system to control bending angles in real time, our new generation CNC Press Brakes are at the forefront of manufacturing technology.

Galvin Engineering has a large range of tooling, enabling our clients to design their parts to suit their exacting requirements. From Goose Neck to radius tools, we have it covered!

Our tooling is hardened to help reduce contamination on your parts, and is stored in dedicated tooling cabinets, to help protect the integrity and enable the operator to quickly and efficiently locate the required tools.

Galvin Engineering use 3D programming help ensure the finish product is just as you imagined. This process also allows for easy recall of an existing program for future use and at the same exacting standards again and again.

Nesting and Programming

Our use of sophisticated nesting software ensures the best material utilization and maximum control over the cutting process. As an added benefit, setup times are reduced, which improves overall productivity considerably.

We are able to import your solid model, to produce the flat pattern for cutting and at the same time produce a bending program, this helps to support our goal of giving the end user the correct part, on-time the first time!

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