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Forklift / Crane Attachment Of The Month

November 2013 Concrete Collection Tray

By Forklift / Crane Attachment Of The Month


Concrete Collection Tray

Limit environmental damage on site by use of the Concrete Collection Tray. This low profile Tray fits under the concrete pump to collect spillage washout water and concrete waste.
Fitted with Fork Pockets and Crane Lugs, the Tray is also constructed with tapered sides. The overall size of the Tray (not including Crane Lugs) is 2070 x 1570 x 375mm.
* Safe Working Load: 1500 kg * Unit Weight: 200 kg * Capacity: 0.85 cu.m * Inside Width: 1995 mm * Inside Length: 1495 mm * Inside Height: 300 mm

Product of the Month – Forklift Tipping Bin Type CSD

By Forklift / Crane Attachment Of The Month

CSDThis economical Forklift Tipping Bin is a self dumping tipping bin suitable for most waste handling applications. This bin is supplied standard  with 4 crane lifting lugs plus 2 upending lugs underneath.

It is also fitted with a drain plug and wheel brackets (wheels not supplied unless ordered). Being a nesting bin, it uses a  minimum of space for storage and transport.


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