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Galvin Engineering are a one-stop-shop for Materials Handling and Storage equipment. Our quality range offer robust and durable products providing customers with appropriate, practical and cost effective solutions to their particular materials handling requirements. We have a comprehensive range of forklift and crane attachments, drum handling equipment as well as waste handling and environmental protection equipment.

Galvin Engineering provide materials handling and forklift attachments to industries in the area of manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, chemical and pharmaceutical, warehousing and storage. All our Engineering products are covered by a warranty. Some products represented may differ slightly in design from those supplied due minor changes in specifications.

To view the full range of products available click on the links below or select each product type in the Materials Handling dropdown menu in the navigation bar above.

Hydraulic Forklift Attachments

  • Grab Attachments
  • 180 Degree Carriage Rotator
  • Push Off Attachment
  • Hydraulic Extension Reachforks
  • Drum Handling & Rotating
  • Dirt Buckets – Hydraulic

Non Hydraulic Forklift Attachments

  • Safety Cages for Forklifts
  • Jib Attachments for Forklifts
  • Extension Slippers for Forklift Tines
  • Container Access Ramps for Forklifts
  • Fork Spreaders for Large Loads
  • Drum Handling – Non Hydraulic
  • Dirt Buckets – Non Hydraulic
  • Wheelie Bin Emptier for Forklifts
  • Roller Forks
  • Roll Prongs for Carpet & Rolls
  • Fork Arms & Carriage Bars
  • Tarp Spreader for Truck Tarps

Crane & Overhead Lifting

  • Safety Cages for Cranes
  • Brick Transport Cages
  • Concrete Kibbles – Stand up – to 1.0 cu.m.
  • Concrete Kibbles – Laydown – 1.5 to 3.0 cu.m.
  • Grout Kibbles
  • Concrete Collection Tray
  • Pallet Hooks for Overhead Lifting
  • Drum Handling Equipment – Crane
  • Spreader Beams
  • Bulk Bag Handling & Moving

Quick-hitch, Telehandler  & Skid Steer Attachments

  • Quick-hitch Jibs
  • Quick-hitch Cages
  • Skid Steer Attachments
  • Quick-hitch Floating Carriages
  • Universal Fork Carriage
  • Other Quick-hitch Attachments

Storage Cages

  • Stillage Cage
  • Pallet Cage
  • Mesh Storage Cage
  • Mesh Storage Pallet Cage
  • Goods Trolley
  • Stock Trolley

Waste & Storage Bins

  • Forklift Waste & Storage Tipping Bins
  • Crane Waste & Storage Bins
  • Drop Bottom Bins

Forward Bulk Bin Tippers

  • Forklift Bulk Bin Tippers
  • Floor Mounted Bulk Bin Tippers

Drum Storage Systems

  • Spill Bins for Drum Storage
  • Drum Racks

Custom Manufactured Equipment

  • Special Manufactured Products

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